Empowering Creators to positively impact culture.

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Founded by Budi Voogt and Tim van Doorne out of frustration with the outdated practices of the music industry, Heroic Empowers Creators to positively impact culture through worldwide management, label, and publishing services. We are an independent company and believe transparency and fair dealmaking is the way forward.

As managers, we combine our passion for art with expertise in social, distribution, and marketing to create culturally relevant stories for our Creators. We help our Creators crystalize their vision and turn it into reality. We do this by connecting the dots, providing strategic and artistic guidance, building teams and infrastructure for them. We shield them from the world when needed. We empower them to do what they do best: create great art.

Our record label powers the distribution, marketing and administration of the independent releases of our Creators. We are proud members of the global digital rights organization Merlin and have direct deals with a number of the largest streaming services in the world. Our reach is global and we combine technology, a global workforce and strong personal relationships to create impact.

Heroic Publishing administers, markets, and represents the majority of songs that underlie our master catalog and represents an exclusive roster of writers. We are globally administered and provide creative and sync support via our internal team and partner network. For most of our catalog, we’re able to provide swift one-stop sync licenses. Our Creators have been placed in shows and films from Netflix, HBO, CBS, and others.

We are also proud members of the trade organizations of Dutch music managers (MMF) and the Dutch entertainment industry (NVPI).

Early in our journey, we realized there was a lack of educational content about current music marketing, rights and the workings of the industry, so we founded the Heroic Academy in 2013 to fill that gap with the experiences we learned along the way.

Tim had authored The Mastering Bible and Budi The SoundCloud Bible and created the online marketing course The Music Marketing Academy.

However, to focus on Heroic and our Creators, we’ve chosen to halt Heroic Academy. Our products are no longer available for sale, yet we’re leaving the blog up as we believe the content may remain useful to the community.

Heroic Music Group - Empowering Creators.