Systemic, a contemporary tastemaker & recording label, is uncovering solid gold. With 100K followers on YouTube, the channel is curated with the artists you know, and the up n’ comers you need to know.

Founded in 2018 by Aaron Whittington, Systemic started as a platform to share a unique blend of Contemporary Pop, Hip Hop, and R&B music paired beside vintage 80’s inspired visuals. In 2020, Systemic branched out as a recording label to represent the mis-represented in the new wave of contemporary.

Working alongside major labels such as Sony Media Entertainment, Warner Records, and Universal Music Group (among others), Systemic has become a driving platform showcasing the “new wave” of contemporary music to millions of monthly viewers among YouTube and Spotify.

As Systemic moves into 2021, the contemporary tastemaker & recording label gears up to become the dominating force of contemporary sound today, tomorrow, and beyond.