Unique Vibes

Unique Vibes is a YouTube platform and record label founded by Gideon Romani in 2016.

Music has always played an important role in his life. Being a fan of already big curators, Gideon finally decided to create his own curation channel to share his passion with the world. What started as a small project in his bedroom emerged into one of Germany‚Äôs leading YouTube channels. The unique approach is sharing the industry’s top hits while still giving a platform to smaller yet highly underrated artists.

This sparked the idea to cooperate with Heroic in order to help out those singers, songwriters and producers even more. The thing that Unique Vibes treasures most is the relationship with the artists. Working so closely with the very people who are keeping the channel alive is a great delight.

Being consistent in doing what he loves resulted in where the brand is now. The goal was never to reach a certain amount of subscribers, but to simply share good music with the world and focus on those creating it.