Late June (Alumni)

Management, label & publishing

New Zealand based producer & visual artist Late June aims to write music that blurs the lines between the genres of electronic, house, and indie while designing elegant visuals inspired by growing up in an abundance of nature. Since 2013, he has explored and previously immersed himself in the space of lo-fi, chill-wave & ambient music, developing a unique and minimalistic sound. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Lane 8, Tourist, and DJ Seinfeld, Late June describes his sound as idiosyncratic, sonically blending together emotional vocals and stimulating multidimensional soundscaped. He has built a vast catalog that presents a complex and mature sound that tells a conceptual story like an indie short film, rather than a formal production.

Late June now finds himself immersed in the beautiful and fast paced cityscape, translating his surroundings into gorgeous isolated music filled with wonder. Sonny has been independently and consistently building his artist project for years and now has decided to team up with Heroic Music Group to take his project to the next level. Look out for him this year with numerous projects, collaborations, and remixes on the horizon!